Olive oil

The young cooperative from Messenia produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil of the Koroneiki variety: a 100% natural product. The olive oil is cold-pressed exclusively by using a mechanical process. The acidity is below 0.4%. It has an intense taste, a fruity aroma and a deep dark green color.

Greenland is in the process of transition to certified organic production.

You can choose the olive oil in 0.5L glass bottles or 5L canisters made of tin.

Table olives

The authentic Kalamata olives from Greenland are prepared according to a traditional recipe. The manufacturing process starts right after collecting the olive fruits, which are picked by hand. In order to remove the bitterness from them, they are stored in water, which is changed daily. This way the fresh taste of the olive fruit is preserved.

After this process is complete, the olives are placed in a brine made from water, salt and natural vinegar as well as local herbs such as savory, thyme, rosemary and oregano. Neither preservatives nor coloring agents are used.

The Kalamata olives are available in PET containers of 500g, 1kg or 5kg (the latter are not pasteurized, please read our Notes regarding storage).

Olive oil

The organic olive oil extra virgin offered by Modousa is cold-pressed in a purely mechanical process. It comes from the olive varieties Kolovi and Adramitiani, native to Lesbos, which are carefully harvested by hand. A low chlorophyl content ensures a good shelf life and gives the oil its characteristic, bright yellow color. The oil is rich in health-promoting polyphenols and antioxidants, has a fruity and mild taste and is particularly easy to digest.

The organic olive oil from Modousa is offered in 5L tin canisters. In addition, there is a naturally cloudy, i.e. unfiltered filling in noble 0.5L glass bottles.