Amount: €1,000

This self-organized and collectively designed school is part of the Citizens' Movement of Moschato - „Mesopotamia.“ For 10 years, it has been providing socially sensitive, inclusive, and democratic grassroots education in this suburb of Athens.


Amount: €1,000

OmniaTV started years ago as critical observation of the trial against members of the neo-fascist party „Golden Dawn,“ which they continue to follow. Additionally, the group now works in other areas as well.

The „Steki Mirmigi“ in the Kypseli neighborhood of Athens celebrated its 10th anniversary. As a self-organized social center, it not only provides space for events and meetings but also prepares meals together several times a week for those in need.


Amount: €2,000

The kitchen collective „ElChef“ began cooking in 2008 in a house occupied by refugees in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens. The group now distributes hundreds of warm meals every week at various locations or during protest actions.

The „Sea of Solidarity“ project was established in May 2019 in Heraklion, Crete. The group offers free sewing and computer literacy courses in Greek and English at the „Amalab“ workshop for refugees, migrants, and locals.

An intercultural project on the island of Lesbos initiated by parents and educators. Local and refugee children come together daily to play and learn in nature.

The Union of Initiatives against Auctions combines struggles related to housing and opposes forced evictions and auctions. They provide advice and support to people who are threatened with or have already lost their homes in the tough housing market.


Amount: €1,000

Omnia TV is an independent non-profit journalist collective in Athens and Thessaloniki. For over 10 years, they have been volunteering to promote awareness with a focus on the judiciary and police apparatus. They mainly cover topics that are only superficially addressed by Greek media, such as the trial of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

SODAA (Coordination Groups & Structures of Solidarity Attikis) is a collaboration of solidarity cooking groups. They cook and eat together with people who have no food in various squares in the Attica region.

The Women's House for Empowerment is a feminist and anti-racist project in Athens. Its focus is on empowerment support for refugee women. In recent years, networks of solidarity have been established to provide legal, psychological, material, and moral support to women in deportation camps.

Steki Mirmigki is a solidarity neighborhood meeting point in the center of Athens. It provides essential goods to over 200 people on a weekly basis.

Mano Aperta, Athens

Amount: € 600

A collective of activists, artists, and refugees who organize regular food distributions in Athens.

Mobile cinema and film workshops for people in refugee camps in the Balkans and Greece. Films without dialogue and age restrictions are shown in a mobile tent with seating. The goal is to break the often dreary and hopeless everyday life of people for a short time and shift the focus to something else.

This is a safe space for refugee women on the island of Samos. It provides a place to find peace, meet and interact with other women, as well as offering English classes and psychosocial and medical support.

Habibi.Works, Ioannina

Amount: € 600

A multicultural maker space in northern Greece, habibi.works promotes and supports talents and expertise in the field of craftsmanship, fostering encounters and collaborative work on an equal footing.

Musikarama, Athens

Amount: € 600

This project uses music as a universal language to build bridges between cultures. It organizes regular concerts and music lessons.

Founded by residents of the island of Lesvos, this group provides support to people in the Moria camp, primarily in the areas of self-organization, education, and integration.

Couzine El Chef, Athens

Amount: € 600

Cooking is done four days a week for families in the neighborhood and for the homeless.

Sporos Institute, Lesvos

Amount: € 600

This initiative offers permaculture courses for refugees, covering topics such as agriculture, wastewater treatment, organic vegetable cultivation, composting, as well as language courses. The cooperative Modousa directly supports the project by providing know-how and spaces.

Mare Liberum

Amount: € 1,267

Mare Liberum monitors the human rights situation in the Aegean Sea with its own ship. As an independent and omnipresent witness, their goal is to draw public attention back to the life-threatening and forgotten route between Turkey and Greece. People are still forced to board unseaworthy boats to seek refuge on the coasts of the Greek islands, risking their lives daily. At least 57 people drowned in the Aegean Sea in 2019. Read more...

Solidarity House p.a.l.m.i.e.r. is a building with 7 apartments in Athens that was rented in the summer of 2019 to establish a collective and solidarity-based housing project. The residents consist of around 40 refugees of various ages and around 10 different nationalities. They all previously lived in squatted housing projects that no longer exist due to the repressive policies of the new Greek government. Read more...