The members of DOCK are active on various levels. They spread awareness and education, do networking and lobbying work and interfere in the debate about alternative economic and social forms. They provide practical support to producer cooperatives for example through advice or the “Fruits of Solidarity” campaign.

The aim is to build an international production, distribution and consumer network on the basis of shared values ​​and the principles of solidarity-based economy.

The producer groups working with DOCK share the following characteristics:

  • They pursue alternative forms of production and distribution.
  • They are interested in contacting and cooperating with organizations from other countries, not just for commercial reasons.
  • They appreciate international solidarity in Europe.
  • They are convinced that strengthening projects in the social and solidarity economy creates important synergies for society.
  • They are ready to take part in campaigns for various social and political purposes (e.g. helping refugees).
  • They sell at least some of their products in Greece at prices that people with low-income can afford.