„Our small cooperative was created to support the sustainability and the economic stability of its members and the local area. Our aim is to keep producing top quality fair trade products, accesible to everyone with respect to the nature, to each other and the whole network. Solidarity helped us to make it trough and is our way of making things happen.“

The Greenland cooperative from Sterna, Messenia, was founded in 2013. Fairness and solidarity in production and sales are among their basic principles. The members want information about quality, origin, working conditions and environmental influences in connection with production to be generally accessible. Greenland is currently in the transition phase to certified organic production.

Greenland produces high quality extra-virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki fruit. The oil is mechanically pressed under strict controls at a temperature of <27 ° C. Not only does the excellent natural taste remain unchanged, but also the many healthy ingredients such as oleacein and oleocanthal. These are natural substances with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nerve and heart strengthening properties. They give the olive oil its typical bitter taste.

The harvest is usually between mid-November and mid-January. Modern, environmentally friendly machines that do not damage the trees are used during harvest. The olive oil is pressed from the fruit within 24 hours. The cooperative, modern Sterna oil mill is tested and advised by the Greek organization for the control and certification of organic products.

Another Greenland speciality are Kalamata olives, which are pickled according to old traditional recipes. The fruits are picked by hand in the olive groves and stored in brine. Then they are pickled with aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano in a mixture of salt water and vinegar. This creates a product that is unique in taste, consistency and quality.